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Come to where Mother Nature waved her magical wand and created one of the most natural of all wonders.

Homes Over Water is located in the mountains of Punta robalo bocas del Toro, and cuddled along the banks of bay.

One of the best benefits of the owner or rented a cabin in Punta Robalo Over the Water is you can drive to your home and park your car in a secured area and walk to your cabin and you are only a two hours’ drive from the second largest city David. Staying in a cabin is the incredible views right outside your door. Imagine waking up in the morning to a stunning waterfront vista framed by the gorgeous scenery on the Caribbean looking back at the mountains of Boquete from the back of your home. Our cabins have plenty of large windows and charming decks where you can enjoy the great views from all angles. The night hours become just as spectacular as the sky fills with thousands of twinkling stars that you can enjoy from the privacy of your cabin’s. Be sure to pack a camera so you can take the views back home with you!

There is just something completely relaxing about staying in a cabin next to a bay. Start your morning with a hot cup of coffee on your cabin’s deck as you listen to the soothing sounds of the water. Kick back and relax as the bay’s gentle flow whisks you off into a comfortable afternoon nap. Whether you are reading a new book, catching up with family and friends, or simply enjoying the beautiful environment, our Panama cabins on the water are sure to provide the ultimate relaxing getaway.

When staying by the water, your family will never be bored! If you are staying in a cabin with kids, your children will love exploring the river’s edge as they discover frogs, salamanders, monkeys and slotks For those guests who enjoy fishing, many of the bays and creeks near our cabins offer excellent opportunities for reeling in some fun. If it is a hot day in the Smokies, find a comfortable place to sit as you dangle your feet in the bay and let the cool waters refresh your body. While exploring the bays or creeks near your cabin, be mindful of water levels, slippery rocks, and other hazards for your safety.

Our cabins by the water offer the ultimate vacation convenience for your family or group. After all, our cabins have absolutely everything you need to enjoy the perfect getaway. In addition to a beautiful location by the water, you can take advantage of convenient amenities such as full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and much more.

For more information about any of our properties, give our friendly vacation specialists a call today!